ASO Tips You Need For Your Apps/Games! 


Choose effective strategies to win against competitors in the mobile app industry. Let’s delve deeper into the tips that should be followed by everyone who is into the mobile industry.

1. Understand the Customer and Look for the Competitors

Before you, make sure that you know about your competitors and customers. Research on what language they use, how they would describe your app, the keywords to target, are there any reasons why the customer should download your app, what makes your app unique from others, what features do the users mostly use, and more. 

Understand who your competitors are and their strategies. Keep an eye on the apps that are ranked in your category. Also, check if their ranking is changing when they are modifying titles and descriptions. So, make sure that you research your competitors and use several competitor analysis tools for better results.

2. Add Videos and Attractive Icons & Screenshots

Attractive visuals could give you the best position in the marketplace. Select an app icon that is attractive plus easy to recognize. Use different colors and avoid colors that are used by your competitors. Also, make sure that you add screenshots on the downloading page. Most people look at the screenshots and videos before they download the app.

Use a colorful template to make it look appealing. Include visual features that highlight what makes your app valuable and better than others. Also, adding a video increases the chance of downloading the app by 40%. It takes only a few minutes to choose the app, so better you add video, screenshots, and a recognizable icon that offers your app’s valuable features. 

Know about the standard size of the logo that is allowed by the app stores. Whether you are designing a logo for an iOS store or Google play store, make sure that your logo is clear and convey what your app is about. Use minimalistic UI design for mobile apps. This reduces the loading time and improves user retention. 

Video Marketing is an important aspect of brand promotion. Here are a few video marketing strategies that you could follow if you are designing a website or an application.

3. Use Relevant Keywords

Using the right keywords is essential for any mobile application. Research the keywords and also check the keywords your competitors are using. Make sure that you don’t use random keywords; otherwise, this could penalize your app. Also, do not include the keywords that have your competitor’s name. Use one form of keyword: either singular or plural. 

Choose the right keywords to make your app successful. Target high traffic keywords with low competition. Add keywords to your IAP (In-App Purchase) metadata. It gives you four different elements. The IAP description allows up to 45 characters and should include necessary keywords. The IAP title allows up to 30 characters. Create a compelling description and list the benefits it offers. This might sound tricky, but it is an effective strategy to rank at the top. 

In the word limit, you have to include everything about your app and its significant meaning. Research the relevant keywords and those which the users might use when they look for an app. Choosing the right keywords is the most important strategy of ASO. 

4. List Your App Locally

Using the language that your users use instantly connects them with your app. Google Play and iOS allow you to list your app locally to make it easier for the user to find your app in different countries. 

You could extend the customer base through app localization. A localized app with a proper ASO provides fast access to the markets. It is believed that many people use the app in the English version, but they would get its value if it is available in their native language. 

5. Optimization and A/B Testing

When it comes to the optimization of apps, then two things should be kept in mind. One is off-metadata, and the other is on-metadata. Off data, factors could not be controlled by a developer. It includes volumes and user ratings. On data, factors are completely controlled by developers. It includes short and long descriptions, screenshots, the developer’s name, and title. 

These factors affect conversion rates. So, perform A/B testing to know which version of the app should be launched. Drive half traffic to A and half to B, and then see which version is performing the best. You could also create a group or ask marketing communities to vote for the best version. 

This type of testing is essential to know about the optimization areas within the app. 

6. Track, Monitor, and Update it Frequently

Every user looks for the apps that constantly improve and share the updates to their customers. Apps that stay updated have chances of receiving more ratings and user reviews. 

There is no doubt that the enhanced version of the app would receive higher ratings than before. Keep track of the downloads, top charts, reviews, and other important elements that rank the app. Modify the keywords that are not performing great, experiment with designing, and change the meta title and description. 

Keep performing A/B Testing until you are satisfied with the results. Releasing the update is challenging. Encourage your loyal customers to download the update with different strategies. Start a push notification and notify them about the latest update. Track your competitor’s update and their rankings to know how your app could be downloaded more than them.

7. Take Care of Your Users

Taking care of the users is also a part of ASO. To provide the best user experience: it is important to connect with the users. Google Play stores give you an option to reply to users and to connect with them. 

So you could convert negative reviews into positive by communicating with them. A consistent flow of five-star ratings and user reviews makes the app validated and thus increases the chances of downloading. App with more reviews and ratings top the charts. This proves that your app keeps the users engaged, and it is useful for them.

Final Words

The trend of Mobile applications is never going to end. Mobile apps are faster and allow offline and online access. Remember that mobile applications could become your brand ambassador if optimized properly. It reduces marketing costs and reaches the audience in a short time. 

Don’t forget that App Store optimization requires an understanding of the customer base, keywords, and the language of the potential customers. So make sure that you hire the best app developer, and also you use the latest trends in the market.